Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Recap

Hey Everybody!
Yes, I am still going to blog now that I am 20! :-) Although as you can see, it probably won't be any more frequently...
Friday night, after my last post, we had supper and then I was allowed to open the rest of my presents. First a picture of my cake (and me):
Here are some pictures of a couple of my presents:


Another new board game!
A rifle case and a shotgun case!
Saturday, we got church done before lunch so that we would have time to play my new game, Agricola! It is a very complex strategy/resource management game, just the kind I like! It took us about three hours to play, but I think it won't take quite as long next time as we now know how to play... We even had enough time to watch "PenDragon" in the evening.
Yesterday we worked the calves, pictures to come...
That's all for now,
Andrew B.

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Anonymous said...

Love that 20 year old smile! :)