Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zoo pictures!

 I have a little frustration to vent, so watch out for steam!

 Yesterday, I spent several hours figuring out how to transfer music/ringtones to my new cell phone from my computer. I finally found a free program (BitPim) that allows you to open and edit lots of information on most cell phones. In the process, I found I could upload all of the pictures I had taken with my phone to my computer, and use them as any other pictures. Cool!

 Now, after all that work, I proudly showed the rest of the family MY pictures. They happened to be of the Appleseed that Jacob and I attended up at the Bartletts, and of our trip to the zoo last weekend.

 Now comes the frusterating part. After all of that, Mom and Cora took the best of MY photos and posted them on THEIR blogs, before I have a chance too, because I am out working in the shop all day... HEY, IF YOU WANT SOME PICTURES, TAKE ALONG YOUR OWN CAMERA! At least let me post some of the good ones before you do! Now, I know your camera is broken (again) Cora, and you don't like your camera Mom, but if I took the pictures with MY camera, doesn't that give me some right of ownership?

 I guess that is enough steam for now, so I will continue with the pictures... :-)


 A picture of (most of) our group:

Left to right: My Dad, my Sister Cora (Hiding behind Morgan), Morgan G (Green shirt), Miranda G,
Molly G (Other green shirt), Mrs. (Lisa) G, and my Mom
 The rest of the group, ie. the boys. :-)  The only problem with taking all of the pictures is that you don't get any of yourself. :-(  Right to left: (Yellow shirt) my brother, Jacob; (Red shirt) Moses G; (Red striped shirt) Josiah G.
Molly was taking pictures for their friends, who were hosting the free day at the zoo. Smile!
       Oops, another Geiger! This is Jubilee. I am still missing some...
 Here is Morgan, trying to see the ...
This guy didn't mind being seen:
 More pictures...
Sorry this one is blurry, that little monkey was sooooooo cute!
It would be pretty safe to say that we all enjoyed our time a lot!
 Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Andrew.

Cora Beth said...

I can feel the steam over here...
Sorry I used your pictures before you had a chance to post some. I didn't realize that would bother you, and when you mentioned it earlier, you seemed to be joking. Once again, sorry. I'll try to remember this lesson. :)


Unknown said...

Mom and Cora,
You are forgiven! Thanks for commenting too.

Andrew B.