Friday, September 18, 2009

An Appleseed shoot.

Hi all,

 Well, it is finally offical, (and I am the last one to announce it...) :-) Our family is hosting an Appleseed shoot here at our farm, on October 3-4! If you are not familiar with the Appleseed program, please check out their website Here. I was at the one held by our friends, the Bartletts, and really enjoyed it!

 Some of the things that you will learn include:
  • Some basic rules of gun safety
  • Proper positions for holding the gun, standing, siting and prone
  • The six steps to firing a shot
  • How to properly use a sling to help keep your gun steady
  • Lots more!
If you would like to join us for our "Shoot", or for more information on our shoot, check out This website

 Now we have just 15 days to get everything ready around here! Dad just baled up the flax straw bales that we will be using for the backstop yesterday, so now we just have to move them home and stack them up...  We are also trying to clean up around here a little bit, and are working on cleaning out the barns and lots, so we will have a lot of "Fertilizer" to spread...

 Got to go,

 Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,
You were the first to announce that the bales are now made! :)
Thanks for helping us spread the word about our upcoming shoot through Man of Courage! YOU REALLY ARE ONE!!!

Jonathan said...

The Appleseed thing sounds interesting, maybe we will think about joining you. :-)

We just had Steve Schadler here with his bobcat to clean out our barn, so I know how handy it is to have a skidsteer around for that sort of project!