Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graduation speech

Hi all,

It's been a week since I graduated! Wow, time sure flies!

I am finally getting around to posting some videos from my Graduation. We have been very busy around the farm, trying to get all the sunflowers planted, and getting ready for haying season.

Here is part one of my speech:

And here is part two:

More videos soon.... Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It's spelled "speech," not "speach!"

Jonathan said...

Thanks for posting that, Andrew.

Unknown said...

Thanks "Anonymous" for pointing that out. Just goes to show I still have a lot of things to learn! I guess I thought it was "spEAch", because it is a past tense of "spEAk". Isn't our language funny?

You're welcome, Jonathan! Looking forward to seeing you next week! (or is that weak?) :-P