Friday, March 28, 2014

My new home!

Once again I have been long overdue in my updates here, but as I have some news to share, it's time to post once again!

 A couple weeks ago I finalized the purchase on my very own farmstead! I am SOO excited!

What I purchased is a nice little ~13 acre plot just one mile North of our farm, with an excellent set of trees, a little old house, and an old grainery-turned toolshed...
Here is the view up the driveway, showing the beautiful evergreens lining the road.

Front view of the house, looking North. As you can see the roof needs to be worked on, so I won't be bored this summer...

Here's the grainery/shed, Not much to look at, but some good storage. Looking East

Between the house and shed, looking West/Northwest. Here you can see the HUGE Weeping Willow tree, which I love!

North side of the garage, looking Southeast. You can see the nice little patio, complete with a brick grill! Oh, and the very fruitful Apple tree... ;-)

Partway up the drive looking East:

Today I had to go to Bismarck, and ended up picking up a few pieces of furniture to put in my new place. Took a few pictures after moving it in this afternoon, so here's a little glimpse into the inside:

Pictured above is the living room, with the couch I just picked up... Below is the master bedroom, with a set of bunk beds (minus mattresses) for the time being:

Dining room, with the table and chairs I picked up today as well:

And the kitchen and laundry/entry way, which I haven't done anything to as of yet... :-)

I will be working on fixing it up a little this summer, and until I am ready to move in, it will be used for storage and as a guest house... :-)
 Well it's getting late, and I'm going to head for bed, so I'll stop here. Good night all!
   Andrew B.

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