Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nearly two months!

Yes, my dear readers, I am still alive! Though you may have been wondering from my long absence here...
  The past two months have been busy ones, but I guess that is rather normal... :-) My time has been occupied with my daily chores, ie. milking Sally;

 Various shop projects, like this '07 Honda Rancher:

Playing a lot of Ping Pong on our new (used) table:

And we celebrated my brother, Jacob's and my birthdays!

 My Mother has also been expanding her alternative therapy business, so I have spent a good bit of time helping her rearrange her office space to make room for the new BETAR table...

So now hopefully you'll forgive my lack of posting here, as it might be quite some time before I do so again... :-) I do keep up with my Facebook page a little better than here, so you're welcome to check out my page over there if you want...
  Bye for now,
   Andrew B.

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