Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mid May already!

Where does the time always go? It seems like it flies by when you are busy...
  Dad and I have been very busy with grain cleaning, and thankfully we are pretty much done now. Now on to our own farming! We haven't actually got anything planted yet, as the weather hasn't been cooperating very well... It is raining again today, so I don't know if we will get out in the fields tomorrow or not.
 We spent most of the day yesterday working on the corn planter, trying to get all of the seed sensors working... For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, most corn planters have a monitoring system which shows you lots of information, like how many acres you have planted, how many seeds per acre you are planting, and most importantly it will alert you if one of the seeder units stops planting. Last year when we were seeding with it, a couple of the sensors were not working, and it so happened that the drive chain ran off of one of the planter units, and so we ended up with a missing row of corn in the field... Not good!  We did eventually get it all working yesterday, after a trip to the John Deere dealer for some new sensors... :-)
 My younger brother, Jacob, and I have also been working on hauling compost out from our cattle lot onto the nearby fields... Not the most pleasant job, but one which needs to be done! Jacob has been driving the big tractor and spreader, while I have been driving our older and much smaller John Deere 4020... I know that seems a little backwards, but the newer spreader is a lot easier to operate, so Jacob wanted to drive that one...
  That's all for now,
    Andrew B.

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