Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another week gone by... -- "The Child"

Where does time always go? I don't know about you, but it sure seems to fly by awful fast for me...
 Today we got around to watching the documentary, "The Child". ( I found it very informative, and more than a little unsettling. At our time in history, with the removal of God from the public schools, the proliferation of the Humanist agenda, and the increasing size of Government, etc. the rights of parents to raise their own children the way they want to is in dire danger. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNCRC, is a very dangerous document seeking to give the government more power to dictate to parents what they can and can not do. Although the thought of the "Rights of the Child" sounds like a very harmless concept, the UNCRC doesn't really protect children, it protects the "Right" of the government to interfere for what THEY decide is the "Best interest of the child."  Please consider checking out, signing the petition, and signing up to host a screening of "The Child" in your neighborhood.
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   Andrew B.


Bognor Regis Herald said...

Hysterical bunk. Yes it helps protect children where it has been signed. (Like every other nation except the US and basket case Somalia who say they will sign when they can start acting as a nation again.) America is not good because it is out of step. You cannot say whether it protects kids in the States or not, you haven't signed it so you don't know. The Convention makes clear that PARENTS have the job of upbringing and guidance - the state is there to support that and to step in when parenting fails. It also says kids have rights like what they believe (a big no-no for some christians, muslims and others) and to be consulted about the things that matter in their lives. Oh, and to be protected against abuse, to have a decent standard of living, the right to a name and registration, to play, to be educated ..... dangerous stuff indeed - if you are someone who wants to run your family like a tyrant. Some seem to argue that children are property, to be commanded and forced at the complete whim of parents, others like me regard the choice to have children as a joyous right, then it becomes responsibility, it becomes holding a life in sacred trust. That is what is behind the Convention, the PRA talk hogwash and spread untruths and myths.

Eric Potter MD said...

I on the other hand agree wholeheartedly that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a horrendous threat to the God-ordained family. I have been working for almost 2 years to alert others to this treaty and the worldview behind it. "The Child" documentary is a great way to open people eyes. For more of my writing on this issue, go to my blog Thank you for this blog posting.

Protecting Children by Empowering Parents,
Eric Potter MD

PS: If you read the treaty as I have done so many times and read how it has been interpreted by the oversight committee, you will realize that the treaty says "government" gives parents rights and responsibilities to parent. This means that they can take those rights away when you aren't following THEIR idea of "good for your child". Be afraid of this philosophy, but not afraid of those who start their post with "hysterical bunk".