Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Hay Delay

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately, I have just been too busy with trying to get hay put up... I have been running almost dawn to dusk for the past week and a half, most of the time sitting in a tractor seat, going round and round and round............. It feels good to just relax and take a break!

Now for the promised video clips from prairie days! I will try to post several today, as I get the time to upload them...
Here is a clip of our family singing "I Am a Fine Musician" for lunch entertainment:



David said...

I have been busy too with the same thing, though I can't say I have been siting around on a tractor. I have been cutting with my scythe and bringing the hay in loose. we also get some baled hay so we all are busy getting that in before the next rain.

Kimberly said...

I love it! Good job, you all. Looks like Prairie Days was lots of good fun. I always enjoy your blog, Andrew, and am glad you keep it up in spite of how busy you are.